Michal Krištof with the contract extension in Oulu

1. 7. 2019

Michal came to Oulu from his home town Nitra, Slovakia, before the season 2018/2019. "It was an outstanding season for me. My expectations were big but when I came to the system and got known with the team, all things started to be great. We did not make the Championship but next season we see another chance." said Kristof. 

"When Michal signed his first contract with Oulu, we agreed on 1 year + 1 year option. Option was to use until end of January 2019 but the club used it in early november 2018. We were after in near contact and we started to speak slowly about more. People in Oulu are satisfied with Michal performances in last season and same the player is very happy in Oulu. We agreed on new terms of a 3 years contract after World Championship in Slovakia. " said for our web Andrej Augustin, owner and CEO of AA SPORTS MANAGEMENT.